๐Ÿ‘‘Gold Ranks๐Ÿ‘‘


  • All Access Pass- Early access to all districts and exclusive events at any rank, including shopping and gaming district.
  • Gold- Obtain the Gold rank title in-game and within discord.
  • Shift Sign Editing- Ability to edit signs without removing them. made a small spelling mistake but don't wanna remove the sign? shift right-click a sign to edit it.
  • Painting swapping- Access to the ability to change paintings by scrolling through options. Place a painting then hold shift and right-click a painting, then you can use your mouse wheel and scroll through all your options.
  • Ride your Friends and animals- I know, this is a weird one. Why? well, why not! Access to the ability to ride any entity. All you have to do is look at a player, mob or any entity, and type /ride to ride them. Command: /ride
  • NickName Change- Ability to change your nickname without the color. Do so with /nick [Yournewname]ย 
  • Elytra Launching- Ability to launch from ground, up high in the air. Makes elytra take offs just a bit easier to perform. To do: Stand still, hold shift while holding a feather in your hand and hold the right mouse button, then release the shift to spring into the air. Requires elytra.
  • Unlimited Uses- All Commands and features above are permanent within that season and do not run out of uses.
  • 2000 SM's-ย Recieve 2000 Sahara Moneys to be redeemed for cosmetic heads and/or in-game vouchers every time you renew

๐Ÿ‘‘Gold๐Ÿ‘‘ - 1 Month

5.00 USD View

๐Ÿ‘‘Gold๐Ÿ‘‘ - 3 Month (5% Discount)

14.25 USD View

๐Ÿ‘‘Gold๐Ÿ‘‘ - 6 Month (7% Discount)

27.90 USD View

๐Ÿ‘‘Gold๐Ÿ‘‘ - 12 Month (10% Discount)

54.00 USD View