🌑🌑Netherite Ranks🌑🌑


Diamond Package Included- This package includes all Diamond rank perks and commands plus the following additional perks... 

  • All Access Pass- Early access to all districts and exclusive events at any rank, including shopping and gaming district.
  • Netherite- Be one of the first to obtain the new Netherite rank title in-game and within discord.
  • Creative World- Access to the Creative world, where you can test any build before building. Useful for when you don't wanna leave the server to test out redstone or a build idea and to go back, you simply need to use the /goback command while in the creative world.
  • Block Hat- Ability to wear any block within your inventory as a hat above your head. Go running round to your friends and show off your new hat to them.
  • Unlimited Uses- All Commands and features above are permanent within that season and do not run out of uses.
  • 5000 SM's- Recieve 5000 Sahara Moneys every month! To be redeemed for cosmetic heads and/or in-game vouchers every time you renew

🌑🌑Netherite🌑🌑 - 1 Month

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🌑🌑Netherite🌑🌑 - 3 Month (5% Discount)

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🌑🌑Netherite🌑🌑 - 6 Month (7% Discount)

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🌑🌑Netherite🌑🌑 - 12 Month (10% Discount)

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